Recently, I received this text:

10:08 am

G’morning, Karen…I have a fun follow-up date idea, if you’re interested…

(I scramble to sign up for text-blocking before I answer – I need to wait one hour for it to kick in. I wait four.)

3:14 pm

Hi Bob.  Thank you for the drinks last night.  Interesting talking to you.  However, I don’t think we are suited…so I’m not interested in a 2nd.  Good luck on your future dates.  I wish you well.

(blocking does not kick in)

3:33 pm

Hahahaha!  No problem.  I’ve long since given up trying to figure out what women think 🙂

Just between you & I though, it is a little discouraging that you’d find a couple flings more attractive options than a 6’4″ Berkeley educated genius IQ great kisser great lover versatile Renaissance man of letters, author, and peerless conversationalist who shares ur interest in old movies and who women are always calling really handsome.  LOL –

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